What You Don’t Know About Me (Just a Little)

As of this writing, I am not writing full time. Like other people, I have bills to pay and “stuff.”

I took early retirement from my corporate job of 22+ years, eight years ago. I had made some good investments and took a risk by leaving a job that was likely to drive me completely insane anyway. I virtually lived in the corporate world of “Dilbert” (the comic strip about corporate lunacy). In fact, the writer of that particular comic strip, Scott Adams, used to work for the same company I did. Everything in his comic strip is based in the realities of corporate life at the big telecommunications company known as At&T, formerly SBC, formerly Pacific Bell, formerly Pacific Telephone, formerly At&T, now back to At&T again. That company nearly made me frothing-at-the mouth loony. I drank enough to survive until I had the guts to take the money and run when the chance came. I enjoyed a subsequent three-year celebratory binge and then I began to write–because I could–after I sobered up, of course. (Don’t try to write while your drinking. It turns into a children’s book.)

Now that my one sound investment (a small condo in San Diego) has become somewhat dubious, I am compelled to return to the everyday work force, just like everyone else. I have had a beautiful eight years off. I had planned to keep it going, but it wasn’t in the cards–which is okay. I have been doing lot of traveling and all the while still young enough to have been enjoying it.

Seven years ago, I also relocated from San Diego to Boston and have loved every minute of New England life. It is so beautiful here in the northeast! Yes, you’ve heard it a million times about the seasons changing. To my friends in California, it really is just like you see in the movies, only more so. I did the entire California thing for the first half of my life. I sunned, skied, roller bladed, surfed, ran, biked, hiked, swam, aerobicized, cruised the boardwalks, Palm Springed, Beverly Hilled, Laguna Beached, volleyballed–all of it. Now, I am boldly living on the complete opposite side of the continent. The world has different colors in New England.

I want everyone to know I have not been wasting this opportunity. Besides a couple of odd trips to Europe, I have seen more of the East Coast than many people who have lived here all their lives. From Maine down to Long Island (The Hamptons, of course) and New York City–even the Jersey Shore. I have hit every beautiful point of interest in between. Cape Code (Provincetown), Rhode Island (the mansions), Connecticut (the ferries and casinos)…The list goes on: Olgunquit, Old Orchard Beach, Jackson, Mount WAshington, Montpelier, Niagara Falls, the Adirondacks, Lake Placid, The Berkshires, Salem, Rockport, Nantuckett, Martha’s Vineyard…There is a lot more too. My point: I have fully taken advantage of this opportunity in these past several years since ditching my corporate cubicle. I have been doing what anyone would hope I would do with the time after killing my corporate career before it killed me. Yes! Had I remained a pod person for another ten years or so, I might have had a better retirement income, but I would very likely have died as a miserable alcoholic by now.

I am way past that. With the shifts in the economy and with the big financial bust (which ironically can be largely attributed to another Robert Reoch who was the kingpin of derivatives trading in London), I am now back in a place similar to where I was before the corporate treadmill (except I now own a condo in California). So, now my condo needs me to go back to work in order to keep it. Yet, I laugh. Ha! I don’t mind. I did the right thing by taking a nice long break. Now it is time to complete the circle and head down the other side of the hill. Guess what. It looks easier going back down (but you did not hear that from me.)

I won’t say exactly what I’m up to because it is still up in the air. I’m still on top of the hill looking down for soft powder. Any job I have ever applied for I have gotten. I have choices. I just have to decide how long to keep looking. I’m still enjoying this little time I have left to go boating and to the gym and museums and all those fun things–even Lady Gaga concerts. I will push off soon.

I should mention that I am not getting rich from the two books I published over the last eight months. It took me several years to write the stories and I had no illusions. You need to be really famous or have a big foot already in the door in order to have a best seller. Ask Stephen King. Even he agrees most of the best sellers today don’t deserve to be there. He has said so. I don’t even read them. I have read everything by Stephen King. He is in a category all his own. He has earned every accolade he has ever gotten through his sheer talent and diligent dedication over a long career. I am a mere guppy at this writing thing (which doesn’t necessarily mean I am a hack, either).

You might find my stories interesting enough. I don’t have a sidekick drinking boxed wine, I don’t shoot moose from a helicoptor, and I haven’t swindled anyone out of millions of dollars. I just write what I know. I don’t have a Goth bone in my body and I get sick at the sight of blood. So, don’t look for any of that in my books of short stories. Rather, find slices of life you never knew, but could easily enjoy living in my writing.

I will still be expressing my opinions here. That’s all you need to know today. I’ll let you know how the job hunt goes. I have a really good resume, but I’m not looking for anything fancy. I’ve done that. It gets really old. I’ll be the Waldo in the crowd again and loving it.

Robert George Reoch

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