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Robert Reoch Lives

Robert Reoch Lives

Robert Reoch Doesn’t Live to Blog However

Hi folks! Just checking-in. I have a fairly idyllic life, but that doesn’t mean Robert Reoch has time to write regularly. I abhor writing useless fodder just to take up space (like this). Who wants to read that?

Meanwhile, I’m still updating dozens of old posts that were transferred from my old blog. It’s a tedious process, but I don’t want to lose those earlier articles. I like to think that what I write has value.

Speaking of value, how about our president? Just when you think things couldn’t get any worse, our country is being invaded by children—by the thousands. Even this is too much for the Obama administration to handle expeditiously. But let’s give it some time…like Syria (and umpteen other crises too numerous to bore you with right now).

Be well,

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Robert Reoch Writes “Mind Pastry”

Robert Reoch is Mind Pastry

Robert Reoch Bakes

how to know if you re dating someone Robert Reoch measures, beats, and sometimes whips ideas to death. Welcome to hop over to here “Mind Pastry,” a bakery of thoughts from my mind to yours. 

Robert Reoch is the Name

My last name,  look at here now Reoch, is pronounced, site de rencontre oothentic Rē’ŏck (rhymes with zovirax buy online Reebok). That  image of a piece of cake floating among the palm trees in my page banner is a slice from a red velvet cake that I actually baked! Robert Reoch's Mind Pastry CakeThere’s more to Mind Pastry than just the analogy, though. I actually love pastry—and I bake it too!—but that’s another post.

Mind Pastry is Layered

I offer a dose of conscience to the Internet through many of my posts. I believe we have too many “reality TV” shows and deceptive news outlets in the media. Too often, issues are discussed from just one point of view in the news. Many pop “journalists” aren’t doing their homework. They aren’t getting out to the field to research their stories. Much of current reporting relies solely on popular social memes—mass hysteria, as I see it—rather than on verified facts and nuanced examination of the gray areas. Please, people, stop thinking only in black and white. Look for what’s in-between. Ask what is the back story you’re not getting from the media. I try to present layers and perspectives that encourage people to discover full truths. I live by three principles: Love, Truth, and Knowledge. I resent journalism that ignores these values in favor of ratings and profit. I hope you find something new and thought-provoking in Mind Pastry.

Robert Reoch Writes

I’ve written a couple of books of short stories under pen name, Robert George Reoch. I wrote my Travelers’ Shorts books with the traveler in mind, even though my stories not about travel. The idea was to provide short stories for the traveler who didn’t want to start a heavy novel. Short stories provide entertainment in manageable chunks for the person on the go. My short stories are written with taste and richness (just like pastry). These epic tales offer drama, adventure, and laugh-out-loud humor. You can order them here:

Travelers Shorts

Travelers’ Shorts: Stories That Move


Travelers Shorts 2: Tethers by Robert George Reoch

Travelers’ Shorts 2: Tethers

Please enjoy my books!

Robert Reoch

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Donald Sterling Sues NBA

Donald Sterling Sues NBA for $Billions

Donald Sterling Fights Back

Donald Sterling is fighting back, which doesn’t surprise me (and also pleases me). It’s been in the news, including NBC. I anticipated this eventuality weeks ago. While I supported Donald Sterling, everyone else was jumping down his throat. Why? Am I and Donald Sterling the only people on the planet who are being intellectually honest in all of this? I’ve always believed Sterling was set up. I listened carefully to the audio recording of his conversation with V. Stiviano as she spoke—including her referring to her friends as, “my black friends.” I listened as Sterling responded to Stiviano’s goading—he using her very own words to mock her when he used the phrase, “your black friends.” He was irritated and made to feel jealous by Stiviano’s game. He was feeling defensive and mocking her in frustration.

Another angle used by the media to generate fury concerned when Sterling was speaking of Magic Johnson. Sterling was not speaking of the entire black community, as CNN fiercely and inaccurately characterized it. It was quite clear in Sterling’s audible remarks that he was solely referring to Magic Johnson when he made comments calling into question Mr. Johnson’s promiscuous character and behavior.

By observing closely what was actually said, and the intent in which the comments were made, it becomes quite clear—and very specifically so—that the media twisted the truth and distorted the bent of Sterling’s words. They channeled certain comments with a laser focus toward making Sterling appear to be a seething racist. The distortion was deliberate and damaging. Reasonable minds cannot conclude otherwise.

A man’s expressions of disapproval about a few individuals in his girlfriend’s circle of friends does not make him a racist, even if he used his girlfriend’s own words to describe said friends as being black. To call that being racist is a huge stretch and yet we observed a wave of mass hysteria, manufactured by the media, grow into a mountain of ill will and hate toward Donald Sterling. Every news station in the country followed this tack. How can so many people slurp up this slop so readily? Freedom of speech was never intended to be used as cover for fraud and malice. This country has acquired a taste for Reality TV that glorifies people behaving badly. Producers save money by not paying for quality programming, instead broadcasting shows with amateur idiots and hostile losers. People have been eating it up for years now. If they can act like that on TV, why can’t we be that way at school? Bullying has become sport for some, to the point that we now need national campaigns to combat bullying in our schools. That’s another topic entirely, although it parallels the Donald Sterling situation.

CNN and TMZ Could Be Sued Too

CNN and TMZ likely will have a field day with Donald Sterling again as this next legal saga unfolds. Perhaps they’ll back off for fear of being sued too. If Donald Sterling’s case against the NBA goes to court (even though Adam Silverman, NBA Commissioner, says it would amount to Sterling suing himself) I would expect a reasonable opinion to favor Donald Sterling. I hope he is vindicated. Perhaps if Sterling cannot legally sue the NBA, he’ll go after Adam Silverman in a civil suit for his venomous attacks in the media.

I have no affiliation with Donald Sterling personally, but even when it’s unpopular, I have great respect for truth and knowledge. I have no patience for the mob mentality, nor the dishonest media that trample individual rights, defying common decency. How did CNN become as undignified as TMZ? It’s all about ratings and money, naturally. It’s the same old story. It’s also unconstitutional.

I say, good luck, Mr. Sterling, with your case. I’ll be watching with interest. The media machine has no common sense these days—let alone common decency. I hope you gain back whatever of your reputation you can salvage. If it means suing and taking their money, more power to ya. That’s the best way to extract justice from an irresponsible media and their advertisers. Hit ’em in their wallets, where it hurts. Ironically, they’ve actually made you a whole lot richer after this forced sale of The Clippers. I guess we’ll see how this all comes out in the wash. I’m sure the media will continue to flaunt it like dirty laundry, the preferred grist of much of their audience.

I know this may sound snarky to those who are accustomed to relying on the media to do their thinking for them, This is how I see it though—looking at the facts with clear eyes and thinking with common sense and a measure of human understanding.

Donald Sterling Update June 10, 2014

I’m pleased to mention that as of this writing Donald Sterling is going forward with his lawsuit against the NBA. For further details, read this concise and accurate article on AOL. Comments posted after the article heavily favor Donald Sterling and support his decision to take action against the NBA for trampling his rights.

Robert George Reoch

Donald Sterling Could Sue NBA. Does He Have a Case?

Donald Sterling Could Sue. Does He Have a Case?

Was Donald Sterling Was Bullied by CNN?

Donald Sterling‘s private conversations, perhaps illegally recorded, didn’t convinced me he’s a racist. CNN hopes they did. Many people didn’t listen closely enough to the recording and subsequent interviews that revealed Sterling’s comments reflected a mode of conversation established by mistress, V. Stiviano, who liked to refer to her friends as “my black friends,” which Sterling merely repeated back to her, for the effect of mocking her, by saying “your black friends.” He only used that phrase to mirror how Stiviano herself refers to some of her friends who are black. Perhaps Stivano believed she was making Sterling jealous (and thereby keeping power over him) by throwing her “my black friends” in his face. She found she could make him look bad too (and probably make some money) with a recording of him repeating her phrase. It worked. Sterling was angry and jealous about her hanging out with much younger famous men and Stiviano recorded it, stringing him along to be sure he picked up on her phrasing. However, it wasn’t about her friends being black. It just so happens most of the NBA crowd are black, but we are talking about the friends Stiviano commonly referred to as her black friends.

Sterling’s Comments on Magic Johnson Portrayed as Racist by Anderson Cooper

Sterling’s comments about Magic Johnson did not insinuate Johnson was bad because he was black. In that part of the interview, Sterling was commenting on Johnson’s promiscuous (bad) behavior, saying that his behavior likely caused Magic Johnson to contract HIV. That’s not being racist. Sterling also commented (although it may have been inaccurate) that Magic Johnson didn’t do much for the African American community. He was specifically speaking about Magic Johnson only, at that point. Yet, Anderson Cooper then twisted Sterling’s words by responding, “So, you’re saying African Americans don’t do anything for the African American community?…” That was a glaring example of Cooper flat-out twisting the truth. The topic of conversation in that moment had been on Magic Johnson, yet Anderson Cooper made it sound as though Sterling was speaking derogatory of the entire African American community. It was low of Anderson Cooper to take advantage of elderly Sterling in that way in an interview seen on national television. Sterling was flummoxed and confused by what Anderson Cooper did. One could see in his face, how incredulous Sterling after Cooper misstated him. He was struggling to make sense of Cooper’s slanted comment about the African American Community when the topic had been Magic Johnson. Cooper had bullied and blindsided the old man in the midst of trying to explain himself. Then Cooper continued to bait Sterling into discussing Magic Johnson even further, even though Sterling had already said early on in the interview that he didn’t want to talk about Johnson.

CNN Seized the Opportunity to Demonize Sterling as a Big Bad Racist

CNN jumped at the opportunity to misconstrue Sterling’s recorded comments to paint him as a racist demon, all to increase viewership and cause a sensation. CNN took a bone and chewed it up for ratings. White guilt and an unwitting public did the rest. CNN relied on people not looking more closely at the entire story. They know that the noble masses love to be indignant and to hate  big bad racists. Trouble is, nobody knows what a racist is these days. They can’t even see when CNN is manufacturing one for their own benefit.  It’s just a stupidly overused word. Just because someone doesn’t like you, or feels threatened by you, doesn’t give you the right to call them racist and in this case cause a huge legal uproar. I’m glad Donald Sterling is fighting back. He actually tried to apologize for the way he was misunderstood, even when he really shouldn’t have had to. Anderson Cooper made an effort to sidetrack him into rambling about Magic Johnson to be sure that people only focused on the bad comments about Johnson. It’s dishonest, unfair, and certainly not balanced, CNN. Incidentally, CNN conveniently did not mention any of the legal problems some of Magic Johnson’s charities have gotten into. CNN, your epic fail is already causing a lot of people a lot of trouble for your having stirred up all this racism crap. The NBA commissioner, Adam Silver, even got into a monumental hissy fit over this, for nothing, and now he’s going to have to work this overtime too.

Pay Attention. Read between the lines when CNN hypes a story using Racism.

Beware if you see Sunny Hostin or Don Lemon on your television screen. There’s bound to be hysterics and venom about racism spewing from these moronic talking heads. They do more harm than good. It’s toxic. They perpetuate stereotypes and create undue sensitivities about racism that don’t belong. It’s all for position and ratings. Their target is always white people. It’s the pot calling the kettle black. I’m still scratching my head wondering how Anderson Cooper missed the mark on this story too…by a mile.

Robert George Reoch


Copyright Robert George Reoch

Cold War Returns With a Vengeance

Cold War Returns

Vladimir Putin Revives the Cold War by Invading Ukraine

Yes, the Cold War has been resurrected with a vengeance as Vladimir Putin invades and annexes the state of Crimea in The Ukraine. The rest of the world reacts as though being rubbed inappropriately on the subway–lots of indignant gasps and admonitions, but nobody’s doing anything about it.

Watch as Putin continues his rapid campaign. Don’t be surprised if he takes even more territory while the coast remains clear. So far, he’s been met with no boots on the ground resistance. Does anyone really think a group of U.N. Observers is going to accomplish anything? It’s like having the local Ladies Club to go over to scold a gang that’s moved into their hood. Putin isn’t even buying his own bullshit, but everyone else is. It’s ridiculous the way Putin’s army keeps turning away the U.N. folks at gunpoint.

Vladimir Putin Makes a Grab for Crimea under False Pretext

Vladimir Putin is striking while the iron is hot and nobody’s standing in his way. It’s like a high-speed car chase where the police have broken off pursuit (although nobody’s even really tried to chase out Russia’s unmarked army). It doesn’t exist, right? Vladimir Putin says so, therefore it must be true. He says all of those soldiers are merely ethnic Russian Ukrainian locals supposedly protecting Russian Ukrainians from persecution at the hands of western Ukrainians. The rest of the world is being played while Soviet thugs take over Crimea. That’s what Soviets do. That’s our good old Cold War come back to haunt.

Given the rapid pace at which the Russian Army has deployed uncontested, look for Putin to grab even more. Soon, he’ll be occupying the rest of the Ukraine. His eyes are likely on a few other Post-Soviet states as well. I presume most people see the situation for what
it really is, despite U.S. television covering heavily the so-called diplomatic efforts by President Obama and Secretary of State, John Kerry. One thing is certain: nobody is speaking Soviet to Putin except Putin to himself.

Alternate Answer for Pro-Soviet Crimeans

Perhaps Ukrainian and European leaders could urge pro-Soviet Crimeans to leave the Ukraine and move to Russia. After all, Putin already wants to give them Russian citizenship. Why don’t we agree with Putin and allow him to “save” them by taking them in–in Russia?

Robert George Reoch

Copyright Robert George Reoch

Michael Dunn a Victim of Audio Terrorism?

Michael Dunn a Victim of Audio Terrorism?

Did “Audio Terrorism” Cause Michael Dunn to Snap?

Yes,audio terrorism is a thing. In Tampa, Florida and in other communities, they want to make it illegal. Audio terrorism describes the impact on the public when excessively loud music emanates from a passenger vehicle using a highly amplified sound system. Some of the immediate effects on the surrounds are the obvious noise, as well as rattling of windows and mirrors in other drivers’ vehicles. Coupled with safety concerns are health risks. In addition to having their windows and mirrors rattled, those exposed to extraordinarily high decibels experience raised blood pressure and a temporary rush of adrenaline. Hearing is also impaired. These symptoms were claimed to have been experienced by Michael Dunn when he was confronted with a vehicle occupied by four teenagers whose blasting music had Dunn feeling a sense of being under attack. This is how it gets to be known as audio terrorism.

Unfortunately, Dunn’s request to the teenagers to turn down the music, and the response that followed, resulted in a confrontation and the death of Jordan Davis, who was one of the occupants of the vehicle emitting loud music. Some would say that Dunn should simply have moved his vehicle away from the noise. Others believe the public has a right to airwaves free of excessively loud music that causes physical and mental harm to those nearby. Few have been willing to discuss the actual physical and mental impact that occurs in the presence of sudden exposure to extreme sound decibel levels from a nearby vehicle. Instead, most people focus on the resulting confrontation and tragic death of Jordan Davis. It takes a more analytical mind to dissect the full of the situation. In a civilized society, we still need to define what civil behavior is. As technology and access to it create new areas where sensitivity is needed, we must continually redefine what is acceptable public behavior. This ongoing process is often neglected.

In the case of Jordan Davis’ having been shot, CNN television personalities Don Lemon and Sunny Hostin have cried for weeks that Michael Dunn pulled out his gun entirely out of dislike of loud music, and because of race (the teens were black). It seems it’s always about race with Sunny Hostin unless the perpetrator is black, in which case she has nothing to say. Don Lemon endlessly oversimplifies this case, on national television, to the insult of millions with an ounce of intelligence. CNN had hung Michael Dunn out to dry long before there was a trial. They had invested a lot in his guilt. This narrow focus is exactly what perpetuates animosity and bigotry in this country. It’s certainly not fair and balanced.

Another crucial reason for cracking down on “audio terrorism” in Florida is the threat it poses to public safety. If a vehicle’s driver blasts music at 125 decibels while an emergency vehicle is attempting to pass, neither that driver nor other drivers in the vicinity can hear clearly the siren of the emergency vehicle. The drowning sounds from an amplified audio system present a serious safety hazard for all concerned. Keep in mind; these factors impact the driver and passengers in his vehicle with far greater impact and impairment as well.

The Michael Dunn case is more complex than just loud music. Allegations exist of threats beyond the music, which led to gunfire. These factors are still being worked out in the courts. Michael Dunn was recently convicted of attempted manslaughter for shooting at the vehicle occupied by the teenagers. The goal of the anti audio terrorist measures is to expand existing laws pertaining to excessive noise and disturbing the peace. As a society, it seems we’ve reached an unfortunate point of actually needing to enforce being civil to one another, even when it comes to how loudly we play our music while in proximity to others. To me, it’s just common sense. I was taught to respect the space of others while out in public. Playgrounds are for children to scream and holler to their hearts’ content. The public streets should not be an adult battleground for the right to hear oneself think.

In Florida, they aim to quash audio terrorism. Any stereo that can be heard 50 feet, or more, from a vehicle has now been outlawed in Pinellas County and in Sarasota where fines can be imposed. A new Tampa ordinance was preliminarily passed in March 2013. Under the draft, first-time violators would get a $250 ticket, $400 for a second offense. The third offense could mean a $500 fine and/or 60 days in jail. The city council voted 6-1 in favor. The ordinance is  welcomed by fed-up citizens who say it’s been long overdue.

Yes, audio terrorism is a thing. It’s deadly serious too.

CNN Ignores Full Facts Including Audio Terrorism in Favor of Playing Race Card

Of course, a few pawns at CNN inject robust decibel levels of racism as being the main issue in the Michael Dunn case, while ignoring the full picture. Sunny Hostin and Don Lemon are always on the same sad note about “white privilege” versus black profiling rather than using complex reasoning. Jeffrey Toobin (another CNN sounding board) echoes Hostin and Lemon, backing their bigotry with ardent sincerity to boost ratings. On a recent panel show on CNN, in speaking of the Michael Dunn case, Jeffrey Toobin said, “This was a case about a kid killed because he was black.” This was quickly followed by Sunny Hostin chiming in, “Well said!” Those are direct quotes. How do you simplify it down to race so readily? Ratings.

So, that’s all CNN gets from this? I’ve never seen so-called journalists project such narrow views. They seem incapable of examining complex layers. Don Lemon is practically giddy with sophomoric angst about the plight of the victimized black man. Wake up and smell the coffee, Don. The Civil Rights Movement was actually a thing too. Affirmative Action has come and gone with decades spent deferring white persons’ “privileges” in preference of conferring favor to minorities, regardless of abilities. There’s still more work to do in the scheme of things. What did we get for all of those sacrifices? We’ve lost a lot of traction in education and productivity in this nation, but we have the first black president in history. Now, please recognize that this wailing and flailing arms about race does nothing but perpetuate a climate of racism. It has to stop. Younger folks won’t recall this, but during the 70s and 80s there actually was a period when racial harmony was coming together and this nation was less divided than it is right now.

How about a little balance, CNN? A good audio technician knows how to adjust the balance and tweak the equalizer. A true audiophile knows that playing music too loudly only distorts and ruins it. Shouting racism at every turn results in the same undesirable distortion and loss of harmony. It’s time to grow up and help fix the problems within our communities, not continuously cry racism while missing the rest of the notes. Try changing your tune and being part of the solution.

Television Journalists Need to Set an Excellent Example

We need a better example from the journalists at CNN. This recent shooting case was not just about loud music. Firing a gun while in an agitated state is just one layer of the Michael Dunn, Jordan Davis story. (Is this another strong argument for gun control?) Did you talk about that between rants of racism? The affects of music so loud that everyone’s blood pressure goes up is another aspect. Did you look at it from that perspective? Applying the law objectively is another facet. It’s not just about race. It’s about a jury and a fair trial. Try using more complex reasoning for a change, Sunny Hostin and Jeffrey Toobin. Don’t just dismiss this as being a case solely about race. That’s just irresponsible, at best. Stop acting so naive, Don Lemon. Consider the effects on everyone involved when it comes to excessively loud music (the phenomenon also known as audio terrorism). Who cares if it was rap? Nobody fires a gun just because they don’t like the choice of music. Just because Michael Dunn mentioned rap and thugs, do you make that the entire case? What was the behavior of all of those involved? I found it interesting that the problem of audio terrorism has been an ongoing problem in Florida for a while. It’s real. I’m not saying it was the root of this case, but I’m not dismissing anything, unlike CNN.

Echoes of George Zimmerman Case

Finally, if and when Michael Dunn is tried a second time for the murder of Jordan Davis, I would suggest that the jury be given the benefit of a full re-enactment of the crime with as much realism as is possible based on the evidence and descriptions from actual witnesses. I would like to see a re-creation using the same decibel levels of sound, and the same music that was playing at the time of the incident. I suggest the jurors experience the sound levels both from the inside the teens’ vehicle, as well as the sound levels and vibrations felt from inside Michael Dunn’s vehicle. If this demonstration is permitted (considering some jurors may not want to subject their ears to possible damage), the jurors who participate will get a clearer sense of how the entire situation evolved and the true impact of the “loud music” and the role it played in the confrontation. If anything, this could be a valuable lesson going forward. I predict, however, that the State of Florida may have not learned how to choose their battles. This could well go the way of the George Zimmerman case.

Robert George Reoch


Copyright Robert George Reoch

Robert Reoch Responds to French Travel Advisories in Boston Globe Editorial

Robert Reoch Replies in Boston Globe

Robert Reoch Offers Perspective as Students Rally Against French Consul General for “Bum Rap”

Crime in Dorchester, Roxbury, and Mattapan is Topic in Boston Globe

I was recently privileged to have had another letter published in the Boston Globe. It never occurred to me to share this stuff on my blog, but that’s what blogs are for, right? This public discussion concerns a meeting with students from the Codman Academy Charter Public School in Dorchester, MA, who invited the French consul general, Fabien Fieschi, to visit with them that they may ask him to remove negative travel advisories to French tourists that depict their communities as being dangerous. The French consul general did not relent, however. He politely informed that his job is to protect and represent his fellow fellow citizens of France through unbiased travel warnings. I wrote to the Boston Globe to show my agreement with the consul general and to share my objective observations since moving to Boston from San Diego over ten years ago. My published letter follows below. Read more on the Boston Globe web site.

Robert Reoch Boston Globe Letter

ReC’est la vie in Dorchester” (Metro, Jan. 16): The idealism and naiveté of the students of Codman Academy Charter Public School are what spur progress. I appreciate their community pride. However, I cannot help but agree with the view held by Fabien Fieschi, consul general of France, that the communities of Dorchester, Roxbury, and Mattapan have earned a bad rap.

When I moved from San Diego to Boston more than 10 years ago, I put a map of the Boston area on my wall to help me familiarize myself with the area. I used my map to locate stores and restaurants I’d seen in TV ads, or to identify communities from which news stories had come. I was finding my way around. Within three months, I realized that nearly all of the crime being reported was coming out of the same three neighborhoods: Dorchester, Roxbury, and Mattapan.

Ten years later, this same observation is reinforced daily. Those same neighborhoods continue to be areas where innocent people are victims of gang- and drug-related crimes. Most of the violent crimes occur at night, though recently they’ve occurred in broad daylight.

Just as visitors welcome warnings about dangerous cliffs overlooking certain beaches, they also want to know how to stay out of harm’s way by avoiding any major city’s known crime areas. It’s common sense.

People outside of Boston, even outside of this country, make objective observations without the sentiment of community pride. We should pay attention.

I hope the bright students at Codman Academy take forward a goal to effect change within their communities, not just in spirit, but in reality.

Robert Reoch

Copyright Robert George Reoch Publishing

Robert Reoch Christmas Cookies 2013

Robert Reoch Christmas Cookies 2013

Christmas Cookies or Duck Sex.

Real men don’t manufacture devices to call ducks for sex and then shoot them (hello Duck Dynasty). Real men bake cookies.

Christmas Cookies

Merry Christmas!

Robert George Reoch

Copyright Robert George Reoch

Russian Law Makers Pass Anti-Gay Bill 436-0 Backed by Vladimir Putin

Kremlin: Vladimir Putin and Russian Religious Elite Exile Gays

Kremlin in Red

Boston Globe Reports Russian Anti-Gay Vote Violence Against Gays

A startling article in the Boston Globe today reports that the government of Russia has passed a 436-0 vote that would basically outlaw being gay. Lawmakers have accused gays of decreasing Russia’s already low birth rates, saying they should be barred from government jobs, undergo forced medical treatment, or be exiled. (See the full content of the article using the link below.)

Russia President Vladimir Putin Backs Anti-Gay Laws

One of the first things that comes to mind when considering this violation of human rights is the egomaniacal manner in which Vladimir Putin has conducted himself, historically. Operating always with self-interest, Putin fancies himself a martial arts master, a model of physical fitness, and likely sees himself more as a Tzar (rather than questionably elected president of questionable elect). Instinct tell me Vladimir Putin dost protest too much.

Amnesty International Condemns Russia Action

Amnesty International has deemed the ruling of the Russian government “…a sorry attempt by the government to bolster its popularity by pandering to the most reactionary elements of Russian society — at the expense of fundamental rights and the expression of
individual identities…’’

Russian lawmakers pass anti-gay bill in 436-0 vote – World – The Boston Globe.

Robert George Reoch

Copyright Robert George Reoch

Bullying and War

Bullying and War

“John Brake’s Wars” is About Bullying

Bullying has reached new levels in the information age. Youths and adults use new tools in cowardly ways for the purpose of intimidation. Bullying has been a social ill long before cyber bullying. I wrote a short story about a tragedy involving a childhood friend of mine. The story, “John Brake’s Wars,” is based on true events. It’s about a friend of mine, a school aged boy named John Brake, who was relentlessly bullied in school while his father, a U.S. soldier, was away fighting in Vietnam.

We have seen an increase in this hostile behavior in recent years. Cyber bullying has given small minds effective tools with which to wreak havoc. The consequences are too often becoming deadly. The effects are always lasting.

“John Brake’s Wars” is just one of the short stories in my book, Travelers Shorts.

Travelers Shorts

Travelers Shorts


Travelers Shorts 2

Travelers Shorts 2

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Terrorists Bombs in Boston Kill and Injure on Patriots’ Day

Boston’s Motto: “By the sword we
seek peace, but peace only under liberty”

Uncle Sam Arlington MA

Uncle Sam is in Arlington MA


I live just outside of Boston in Arlington, Massachusetts, on Massachusetts Avenue, a road which stretches south all the way through Cambridge and across the Charles River to Boston proper. It’s a matter of minutes by public transportation to get downtown where the bombs exploded on Monday on Boylston Street. I visit downtown Boston regularly.

Boston Historic Symbol of Freedom

Today, I received a call from friends, asking if I was okay. I hadn’t heard about the explosions in Boston and I hadn’t been watching TV, so I wasn’t aware of what was happening downtown. Only yesterday, we hosted the Patriots Day parade in Arlington, formerly known as Menotomy. Arlington lies on the route on which Paul Revere made his famous ride. My home is on the site of some of the first battles fought during the onset of the Revolutionary War. Just north are Lexington and Concord. In Arlington, we’re right in the thick of things. (In 1867, Menotomy was renamed Arlington in tribute to fallen soldiers buried at Arlington National Cemetery.)

Terrorism on the Boston Freedom Trail

What can we do about terrorism on our shores more than 200 years after establishing the land of the free, The United States of America. I am reminded of the poem by Emma Lazarus, born on a plaque on the side of the Statue of Liberty‘s pedestal, with its famous

“…Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!…”

Melting Pot Includes Poison

As of late, I feel uneasy when I think of this country as being the “melting pot” that it is. I’m sure I’m not alone in my concern about poisoned minds of extremists coming to our shores and wreaking havoc here. Ever since the bombing of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, I had been under the impression that, in this country, we were doing all we could to prevent further terrorist attacks. There actually have been fewer major acts of terrorism than I would have expected. Even so, I’ve always had a sense that it’s an impossible task to predict and stop all such malevolent acts. Today, after this terrorist act in Boston, I feel a renewed sense of that concern. That said, we don’t even know if this act was of domestic origin, or from foreign monsters.

Optimism Sustains Us

I am not a fatalist, rather I am an optimist. I’ve been an optimist my entire life. I was born with a hopeful outlook. However, I feel we aren’t smart enough yet. We haven’t put enough into the business of shutting down threats. We cannot yet detect the evil that lurks within our shores. I don’t think we’ll ever be able to read what’s in the hearts of those wretches who come to do us harm (or the ones already here), but perhaps we can do a better job of preventing them from obtaining bomb making materials and entering crowded areas carrying such weapons of mass killing.

Unfortunately, even with my optimism, I don’t see 100 percent detection and prevention as ever happening in my lifetime. People still get in. People are already here. The Boston Marathon is a wonderful excuse to let down our guard and allow individuals to mingle freely and participate. That’s what we do. It was Patriots’ Day! As a whole, our collective intelligence amounts to  somewhere in between that of the highly educated movers and shakers and the “wretched refuse” who have been tempest tost to our shores (or somehow raised here by wild dogs). Unfortunately, some of those that reach our shores are bringing the tempest with them.

Technology for Freedom

I’ll just bear all of this with my usual dumb optimism. I’m not the policeman. That’s not me. My hope is that, one day, the good geniuses in our midst will bring to bear all available intelligence and technology to monitor thoroughly the physical aspects of terrorism. Shouldn’t we be able to keep materials out of the hands of evil doers? I believe the possibility is less remote than trying to read the minds of (and thereby stopping) all mass killers. If we can sniff out every nook and cranny where weapons chemicals come together, we can respond. I don’t think it’s such a huge leap to be able to zero-in on these elements as they converge. I believe it’s possible. If they can put satellites and telescopes in outer space to peer back billions of years, or to look back down to Earth and pick out small objects, why not focus those eyes on identifying traces of elements where they don’t belong in our country? Current technology can already identify millions of light spectrum using filters deployed in those cameras in space. I believe technology may exist, or will exist, that would enable scientists to spot confluences of materials with a specific footprint and identify potential weapons before they are fully formed, or deployed. That’s my hope. That’s all I got.

Rest in peace, to those innocent people harmed or lost in Boston, from wherever they may have come, including the fine young woman, Krystle Marie Campbell, of neighboring town of Medford, Massachusetts, who worked in a favorite restaurant right here in Arlington. Let’s bolster their families and lend our best support to the injured too.

Robert Reoch

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Margaret Thatcher Has Died

Margaret Thatcher First
Female Prime Minister of Great
Britain Has Died

Margaret Thatcher death

Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, the first woman to become a British Prime Minister has died of a stroke at the age of 87. According to CNN, she suffered a stroke on Monday. The former “Iron Lady” and leader of Great Britain suffered a first stroke in 2002, and then several small strokes in subsequent years. She had been the longest-serving (1979–1990) Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of the 20th century.

Margaret Thatcher Close Ties to Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev

Margaret Thatcher’s stunning career included close ties to U.S. President Ronald Reagan and former Soviet communist leader Mikhail Gorbachev.  Thatcher once said she considered Ronald Reagan, “…the second most important man in my life.” Bound by opposition to communism, Thatcher and Reagan shared a close bond throughout the 1980s. Together, they provided a united western counterbalance against the Soviet Union. The relationships developed by Thatcher, who famously told Mikhail Gorbachev that “[she] could to business with him,” and the two world superpower leaders, Reagan and Gorbachev, ultimately helped lead to the collapse of the Berlin Wall and the push for democracy in Eastern Europe.

Margaret Thatcher Grocer’s Daughter

Born in 1925 in the small town of Grantham, England, Margaret Thatcher was the daughter of a British grocer, Alfred Roberts. Her father was active in politics and raised Margaret Roberts as a strict Methodist. After graduating from Somerville College at Oxford, Margaret Thatcher began a slow rise in politics beginning in 1959, eventually serving as leader of the Conservative Party from 1975 to 1990. Thatcher won thenation’s top job only six years after declaring in a television interview, “I don’t think there will be a woman prime minister in my lifetime.”

Margaret Thatcher Career Defining Moment

Margaret Thatcher, Britain’s Fighting Lady

Well into her career as Prime Minister, on 2 April 1982, when the ruling military party in  Argentina ordered the invasion of the British-controlled Falkland Islands and South Georgia, Margaret Thatcher took to defending Britain’s interest with the triggering the Falklands War. The subsequent crisis was “a defining moment in Margaret Thatcher’s career. She set up and chaired a small War Cabinet to take charge of the war effort,  dispatching, in early April, a naval task force to retake the Falkland Islands. Argentina surrendered on 14 June and the British operation was hailed a success.

Margaret Thatcher Funeral

Margaret Thatcher’s funeral was held at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London, with full military honors, followed by a private cremation.

Robert George Reoch

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North Korea in Shadow of B2s

North Korea in the Shadow of B2s

North Korea’s Kim Jong-un Versus B2

Once again, on the subject of North Korea,

a picture paints a thousand words:

Kim Jong Un Versus B 2Dennis Rodman Can’t Fix This

Robert George Reoch

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Pope Elected

Pope Francis is the 266th Pope

PopeJorge Mario Bergoglio (pronounced Ber-GOAL-io)—now known as Pope Francis—age 76, has been elected as the 266th pope of the Roman Catholic Church. This selection follows the resignation of his predecessor, Pope Benedict XVI. The new pontiff will be called Pope Francis. This marks the first time in papal history that the name, Francis, has been used. He is the first non-European pope in over 1,200 years. In his title, Pope Francis will not use the Roman numeral, ‘I,’ to denote “the first,” unlike a preceding pope, John Paul I, who decided himself to add the ‘I’ to his title. The new pope will be correctly referred to simply as Pope Francis.

First Jesuit Pope

The election of the archbishop of Buenos Aires, Bergoglio was an apt choice in that the bulk of the world’s Catholics currently reside in the Southern Hemisphere. As Bill Chappell of NPR mentions, the choice of the name, “Francis,” is seen as a gesture toward the Franciscans from Bergoglio, the first Jesuit to become pope. Vatican representative, Rev. Federico Lombardi, confirmed that the name refers to St. Francis of Assisi, founder of the Franciscan Order, often seen as the Jesuits’ traditional rivals.

Pope Has Dual Role

In his role as pope, Pope Francis is both the leader of the Catholic Church and the sovereign ruler of the Vatican City State.

Robert Reoch

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Casey Anthony Found Not Guilty (Even With Jose Baez Representing Her))

Casey Anthony Found Not Guilty Even With Jose Baez Representing Her

The jury verdict was not guilty in the Casey Anthony trial and what surprises me the most is the reaction from the media. With few exceptions, television reporters such as Nancy Grace are saying they are shocked by the outcome. To me, this is just another example of rampant ignorance and sensationalism in the media in this country. Nancy Grace continues to gracelessly refer to Casey Anthony as “Tot Mom.” She openly decries the not guilty verdict, speaking from one of her two faces, and then says we must respect the verdict of the jury, speaking from her other face.

I watched this trial and I saw the evidence presented. I listened to the witness testimonies. To me, there was no way a jury could have found Casey Anthony guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Both the prosecution and the defense made stupid errors. Even a layman could have presented a better case on either side.

I cringed every time an objection was raised by the prosecution when Jose Baez would pose a question to a witness and not formulate that question in the proper “yes or no” answer format. How can Baez not know how to examine a witness using proper protocol for asking questions? He repeatedly made that same mistake, over and over, throughout the trial, and he was always objected-to by the prosecution. And, on nearly every occasion, those objections were “sustained” by the judge. How inept can he be? One would think Baez would at least learn as he went along. It is mind boggling that he continued to get it wrong.

The prosecution tried to prove that Cynthia Anthony (Casey’s mother) was not the person who searched for the word, “chloroform,” on the family computer, saying it could only be Casey who had done that. That was also a blunder. The prosecution’s so-called expert computer witnesses blatantly lied about what happens when you conduct a search for similar words on the internet, saying it was impossible that Cynthia Anthony accidentally found the word, “chloroform” when searching for “chlorophyll.” However, I know (as do many others know) that, in fact, the major search engines will interject cross-referenced words similar to the searched word when searching. The prosecution’s “expert” computer witness made it sound as though that were impossible. And, the defense did not even pick up on that! Baez had a chance to debunk that witness and he did not! What is worse is that people in the media agreed with the so-called expert witness and talked about it as if it were correct, making themselves look just as dumb as the fake premise made by the “expert.”

The fact is, and despite the fact Jose Baez was too inept to avoid all the objections by the prosecution, he at least helped by providing a few of his own witnesses who could cast dispersions on the credibility of at least some of the prosecution witnesses. Even so, some of those witnesses were able to make Baez look like a monkey during the process.

I knew, as the trial went on, that the jury could not possibly come to a guilty verdict based on how the trial was handled. The witnesses were unreliable. The evidence was weak and sketchy. Motives were not clear. The media had been publicly trying Casey Anthony for so long, over the last few years, that many had already made up their minds and convicted her before the trial began.

Once the trial was over, it was very clear to me that any intelligent jury could not reach a guilty verdict beyond a reasonable doubt based on the evidence presented. Everyone in the media seemed to have forgotten that the burden was on the prosecution to prove guilt, which they did not. It was glaringly clear that Casey Anthony’s guilt was not clear.

In the meantime, how much longer do we have to put up with talking heads like Nancy Grace referring to Casey Anthony as “Tot Mom.” Grace sounds like a graceless bully, period. She is a bad loser. She has no middle ground on anything. She always runs hot, no matter the case. That is not what I would call “fair and balanced” news journalism.

Fortunately for Casey Anthony and the minority of sensible people in this country, the outcome of this trial was just and correct, based on the what was presented to the jury. Let’s all just deal with this in a civilized manner, shall we? Like I said, I followed the trial on a daily basis. The verdict should not have come as a surprise unless you bought into all of the media hype without following the trial in the courtroom. The lawyers and investigators for the state and for the defense were both inept–and ridiculously so. These are the people running this country.

I will give Jose Baez credit for making some eloquent remarks to the media immediately following the conclusion of the trial, although he could have kept it more brief rather than rambling to the point of undoing some of good by taking a few jabs at some of his cronies. I will even go as far as to say that the jury may have given Casey Anthony some sympathy points for having been stuck with a relatively inexperienced attorney who did as much to harm her case as help it. I also observed that, during the trial, Jose Baez cunningly (although unethically) made several “editorial comments” during his questioning of witnesses in order to influence the jury. If that’s the best he’s got, then I suppose he had to bring it.

I congratulate the jury for doing their duty as instructed and in keeping with the laws of this land. Yet, I still share sadness that Caylee Anthony’s murder remains unsolved, which has nothing to do with this jury.

Robert George Reoch

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Barack Obama Blocks Release of Photos of Dead Osama bin Laden

President Obama Blocks Release of Photos of Dead Osama bin Laden

Remember Obama’s birth certificate issue? Ah, yes. It is just like it was yesterday. Wait, it practically was yesterday.

Also, remember how, in the not too distant past, photographs of other killed terrorists were made public?

Now, considering that Barack Obama finally relented and produced a copy of the “long” version of his birth certificate, and considering the relentless dogging by media and Donald Trump that finally caused Obama to release it, how long will it take before Obama coughs up up the photographs of dead Osama bin Laden? It’s anyone’s guess, but I’m sure it won’t be very long.

I’m just putting this out there. While it looks good and proper not to parade around any gory photos at this time, it is fairly obvious that these photos are eventually going to be made public, and it won’t be too far down the road. In the meantime, I tend to agree that it would be as though spiking a football after a goal to publicize graphic photos of the dead body of Osama bin Laden immediately after the score.

By the time any photos are released, they won’t have nearly as much bite, I suspect. Osama bin Laden’s death will have become old news, as news goes these days. It is probably a good strategy to wait. Any future release of photos showing Osama with holes in his head will probably be received like game photos of a Superbowl already past, the lights already dimmed.

These days, I am more fascinated with what’s coming next. I don’t even care about Obama’s birth certificate anymore. (Actually, I never did.)

One last thought. Read the headline of this story again. In my lifetime, I never would have expected to read (or write) so many foreign words in one American headline. I’m just sayin’. . . Sheesh.

Robert George Reoch

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Mary Matalin Speaks Out Against Gay Rights On CNN

Mary Matalin spoke against gays today in an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on “The Situation Room.” She called the overturn of Proposition 8 “a mess,” saying gay marriage is not a civil right.

Wednesday, August 4, Judge Vaughn Walker ruled that Proposition 8 in California violated fundamental rights guaranteed by law, concluding:

“Proposition 8 fails to advance any rational basis in singling out gay men and lesbians for denial of a marriage license. Indeed, the evidence shows Proposition 8 does nothing more than enshrine in the California Constitution the notion that opposite sex couples are superior to same-sex couples.”

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Shirley Sherrod Cotroversy: What Was It About?

Call This the Full Truth–Concisely:

This blog entry is to provide an abbreviated, clear explanation of the travesty of justice which befell Shirley Sherrod after a speech she made at a NAACP banquet was taken out of context and resulted in her being fired from her position as director of the Georgia Field Office for the Federation of Southern Cooperatives/Land Assistance Fund. She was forced to resign by Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack after her videotaped comments were grossly edited and then widely circulated by journalist Andrew Breitbart. The video was misinterpreted in its edited form and created a false impression, making it appear as though Shirley Sherrod is racist.

In her speech, Sherrod told of an experience she had had 20 years prior.  Her story was about a white farmer, Roger Spooner, whom she had helped to avoid losing his farm.

The root of the controversy: There was a point in Shirley Sherrod’s speech where (in speaking about her actions in helping the white farmer) she said, “What he didn’t know while he was taking all that time trying to show me he was superior to me was, I was trying to decide just how much help I was going to give him. I was struggling with the fact that so many black people had lost their farmland, and here I was faced with having to help a white person save their land. So I didn’t give him the full force of what I could do. I did enough.”

Sherrod goes on in her speech to say that she referred the white farmer to a white lawyer so “his own kind would help him.”

The rub: It was at this point in a video recording of her speech where it was edited to basically end there, making it appear Sherrod was racist and had not done her job because of her prejudice. However, her speech continues for several more minutes. The true context as it can easily be understood, is that her experience with the white farmer was a learning experience for her. It became, for her, a personal revelation that prompted her to go out of her way to help Mr. Spooner. Sherrod explained how she managed to find the right help for the white farmer, even after the white lawyer, to whom she initially referred Spooner, sat on his thumbs for six months. Sherrod persisted on behalf of the farmer and his wife and they were able to keep their farm. To this day, Eloise and Roger Spooner remain friendly with Sherrod and are grateful for her assistance.

In the full, unedited video of her speech, Sherrod explains her personal epiphany.

“It’s about the poor,” she said. “It made me see it really was about those who have, versus those who don’t…black, white or Hispanic. It made me realize that I needed to work to help poor people…race is not the issue, it’s about the people who have and the people who don’t.”

She said the incident helped her get beyond issues of race.

“And I went on to work with many more white farmers,” she said. “The story helped me realize that race is not the issue, it’s about the people who have and the people who don’t.”

To wrap this up: The media and heads in Washington got hold of the edited version and immediately forced Sherrod to resign in a very public manner. Sherrod, appearing on CNN live, was also subject to a heated debate with Roland Martin (Chair in Health Services Research at the University of Cambridge), who doggedly badgered Sherrod even while it was painfully obvious to anyone following the story that Martin was not informed and was ranting nonsense when put in proper context with the truth. Sherrod stood her ground none-the-less.

Shirley Sherrod has been subsequently vindicated and has received an apology from Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, who (rightly) called himself “stupid” for having fired Sherrod. He also offered to reinstate Sherrod.

All of this controversy arose in the days following highly inflammatory allegations of racism flying back and forth between the NAACP and the National Tea Party. It has been suggested the edited video of Sherrod’s speech was deliberately used by the media to further fan the flames.

In conclusion, what actually stands out most to me is the purposeful way in which Shirley Sherrod remained true to herself and faced down the fools in high places who falsely accused her of racism. This much I see as a small victory against race antagonists. In the hundreds of little battles, this one came out of a baseless necessity because of the stupidity of a few men in high places and the politically motivated media tools who would distort the truth. Andrew Breitbart, the journalist who circulated the edited video, has subsequently come out and stated that he does not even care about Shirley Sherrod. That, in itself, speaks volumes.

P.S. I believe I was actually the first person to tweet in support of Shirley Sherrod on the day this all came out. While watching Roland Martin slam Shirley Sherrod to the mat on CNN, I angrily sent the follow tweets from my twitter names: RobertReoch and TravelersShorts:

I am behind you 100% Shirley Sherrod! You are due an apology from those who forced you to resign, including “the white house.”
4:43 PM Jul 20th via web

Roland Martin you owe Shirley Sherrod a big fat apology too. Get all the facts before you disrespect her on live CNN
4:59 PM Jul 20th via web

Robert George Reoch

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Training Afghans: “Blind Drunk Monkeys Could Do Better”

 Thank You Jamie in Tennessee

Calling in to a CNN news program, a woman named Jamie from Tennessee spoke up about our efforts to train the Afghans to secure their country, (referring to the Afghan trainees) saying, “Blind drunk monkeys could do better!” I couldn’t help but laugh at the comment, which I also took seriously. The woman from Tennessee was voicing her angst at our troops remaining in Afghanistan, saying we have been there for almost ten years and it is costing more and more lives, and billions in taxpayer money with no results. She points out our efforts to train the Afghans to police themselves are not getting anywhere. “Blind, drunk, monkeys could do better by now!” she said, “It’s a lost cause.”

Jamie said what many already think. It is time to cut our losses and leave. We are not accomplishing anything and the cost is too high. I love it when patriots such as Jamie speak their minds plainly. CNN allowed her to have her piece and say what was on her mind. More people like her should speak out against our wasted efforts and the lack of commitment from Afghanistan. As many point out, the Taliban will come back, anyway, just as soon as we do leave, as before. Like cockroaches, they don’t seem to ever go away completely and Afghans don’t seem to have what it takes to resist them. Their priorities are mainly simple survival in their torn country.

Thanks again for speaking out, Jamie in Tennessee.

Robert George Reoch

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Happy July 4th!

On July 4, 2004, at the site of the World Trade Center, the cornerstone of the Freedom Tower was laid. The new tower is due for completion in 2013 and will stand 1,776 feet.

That’s all for today. Just keepin’ it real.

Have a safe holiday. Call a taxi if you have been drinking and need transportation.

Enjoy the day!

Robert George Reoch

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General Stanely A. McChrystal Resigns Patraeus Takes Over

With General McChrystal There Was No Win. Same with Obama.

Gen. David Petraeus is taking over behind General Stanely A. McChrystal after McChrystal’s resignation today, as demanded of President Obama. Let’s hope the transition goes well. One cannot help but believe there will be more victims of war as a result of this troubling interruption in command. This change inherently means taking an eye off the ball when it is a huge risk anytime.

Meantime, some question how a journalist such as Michael Hasting was able to get such intimate access to the General and his staff for a month long ride-a-long to gather information for his profile in Rolling Stone. Who at the Pentagon gave the go ahead? Also, when Hastings sat in with the general and his staff in a bar while they were drinking, is that interviewing or is that eaves dropping?

Take nothing away from Hastings. I am merely mentioning the questions others have made on live television. One has to wonder about the crucial matter of discretion on both sides in this.

There just is no win in this. McChrystal is not the only one paying for his mistake.

Robert George Reoch

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Rolling Stone Profile of “Runaway General” Stanley A. McChrystal

Is General Stanely A. McChrystal Going to Be Fired Because of the Rolling Stone Article?

In case you have missed the news, the general made derogatory statements about the Commander in Chief in a Rolling Stone profile article titled, “Runaway General.” In the same article the general’s own immediate staff referred to Vice President Biden as “bite-me.”

The president has called the general home to speak in person after expressing his dismay about the shocking lack of judgement.

Even thought President Obama is publicly saying he has to take into consideration the immediate situation in Afghanistan and maintain primary focus on the mission and the troops, I suspect that because of the personality conflicts between the general and the president, the president’s hackles will get raised again when the two meet face-to-face. Knowing the male ego, I see Obama dismissing the general, upon sight, when his blood begins to boil again.

That’s the gist of this little blurb. I’m betting against the general. I will say it is an awful tragedy when someone with such a long and illustrious career as General Stanley A. McChrystal has had finds himself in the worst possible light after one very public mistake. That’s all it takes, though. I don’t blame him for firing his civilian press aide, Duncan Boothby, for having set up the interview with Rolling Stone. The sad thing is those aides are supposed to be the ones protecting you from these kinds of mistakes. It’s too bad the general didn’t consider more carefully the decision that was made. A deliberate ambush could not have turned out more effective. With a press aide like that, who needs enemies?

Robert George Reoch

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