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Robert Reoch Shares Thoughts as “Mind Pastry”

I’m Robert Reoch. Welcome to my blog: a mixing bowl of thoughts—from my mind to yours—and gluten free! I’ve written and published a couple of books of short stories. My Travelers’ Shorts books have the traveler in mind—even though they’re not about travel!

My short stories are for the traveler who’s not in the mood for a heavy novel. Fortunately though, some of my stories are rather epic in length (ah, the drama).  The idea is to give you entertainment in easily digestible chunks while leaving you craving more—short stories so rich and varied you’ll want to read on. You’ll find drama, adventure, and laugh-out-loud humor. Read, enjoy, and write a review on Amazon. Order the short stories of Robert George Reoch here:

Travelers Shorts

Travelers’ Shorts: Stories That Move


Travelers Shorts 2: Tethers by Robert George Reoch

Travelers’ Shorts 2: Tethers

Happy Travels!

Robert George Reoch

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