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Robert Reoch in Paris Brussels and Amsterdam

Robert Reoch Visits Paris, Brussels, and Amsterdam

Robert Reoch August 2013 Travel in Pictures

We took another vacation, Joon and I. We began in Paris, France this time. We also visited Brussels, Belgium, and Amsterdam, The Netherlands. It was an eye-opening and exhausting-in-a-good-way experience. We covered lots of ground including some of the great museums (The Louvre, in Paris, the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam, and several others). More bucket list items are now checked off. I feel richer for having made the the journey and covered an amazing lot of area.

Below are selected photos from the thousands we snapped. The great thing about the digital age is not having to worry about using up all your film. Now it’s about keeping a big enough memory chip on hand, but we were well equipped. The photos tell the story. I won’t bore you with too many details.

Paris, France

Robert Reoch Eiffel Tower

The strobe lights flashing on the Eiffel Tower at night.

 At the bottom.

Robert Reoch Eiffel Tower Base

To get to the top, you have to start at the bottom.

At the top.

Robert Reoch top of Eiffel

At the top of the Eiffel Tower.

Love locks on a bridge over the Seine.

Robert Reoch love locks

This is apparently becoming a weighty problem… c’est la vie.

The gardens at Versailles.

Robert Reoch Versailles FranceRobertReoch Versailles France

The Hall of Mirrors at Versailles.

Robert Reoch Hall of Mirrors

Inside the Palace at Versailles.

Outside of the Louvre in Paris.

Robert Reoch at the Louvre

Heading in to the most famous museum in the world.

The most photographed thing in the world and still smiling.

Robert Reoch meets Mona Lisa

Not exactly how you pictured her, eh?

Brussels Belgium

Robert Reoch Grand Place

Belgium is lovely.  Robert Reoch Belgium 2013

The peeing boy statue, “Manneken Pis” (making piss?)

Robert Reoch Manneken Pis

This kid really has to go…

Galeries Royales Saint Hubert in Belgium. (It’s a mall.)

Robert Reoch Belgium

There’s lots of chocolate to found here. (Waffles too.)

Amsterdam The Netherlands

Robert Reoch Amsterdam Canal

Everywhere these canals enchant. So serene.

This is why the people of The Netherlands are among the happiest in the world. They’re smart, they’re serene. Maybe it’s what they smoke. (I think it’s in the water.)

Robert Reoch Amsterdam

Robert Reoch Amsterdam

 Revelers in the Red Light District of Amsterdam. It’s all here.

Robert Reoch Red Light District

Amsterdam at night in the old red light district.

Grasshopper Green Building

The Grasshopper Green Building

What is Amsterdam without a historic windmill?

Robert Reoch Amsterdam Windmill

This windmill dates back to 1755.

Robert George Reoch

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