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Pope Elected

Pope Francis is the 266th Pope

Pope rencontre voyageur Jorge Mario Bergoglio (pronounced Ber-GOAL-io)—now known as dating my daughter shirts Pope Francis—age 76, has been elected as the 266th comment savoir si mon mari est inscrit site rencontre pope of the Roman Catholic Church. This selection follows the resignation of his predecessor, http://globecyclette.com/kljaps/2646 Pope Benedict XVI. The new pontiff will be called ligar gratis para vodafone Pope Francis. This marks the first time in papal history that the name, Francis, has been used. He is the first non-European pope in over 1,200 years. In his title, http://vedantaiowa.org/?makrosyt=matchmaking-ad&55f=a7 Pope Francis will not use the Roman numeral, ‘I,’ to denote “the first,” unlike a preceding pope, John Paul I, who decided himself to add the ‘I’ to his title. The new pope will be correctly referred to simply as Pope Francis.

First Jesuit Pope

The election of the i was reading this archbishop of Buenos Aires, Bergoglio was an apt choice in that the bulk of the world’s great post to read Catholics currently reside in the Southern Hemisphere. As Bill Chappell of NPR mentions, the choice of the name, “ Francis,” is seen as a gesture toward the Franciscans from Bergoglio, the first Jesuit to become pope. Vatican representative, Rev. Federico Lombardi, confirmed that the name refers to St. Francis of Assisi, founder of the Franciscan Order, often seen as the Jesuits’ traditional rivals.

Pope Has Dual Role

In his role as pope, Pope Francis is both the leader of the Catholic Church and the sovereign ruler of the Vatican City State.

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