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The Queen, the Bird Feeder, and the Mausoleum

Travelers’ Shorts: Stories That Move

“The Queen, the Bird Feeder, and the Mausoleum”

This http://aebone.org/listik/lili/3002 short story from http://www.sru-lika-gospic.com/plemjanik/gigabet/713 Travelers’ Shorts is worthy of a http://www.tsv-warthausen.de/prikotre/6477 Coen Brothers film. female dating profile best examples “The Queen, the Bird Feeder, and the Mausoleum” is about a mother and son whose twisted relationship defines their bond.  As Curtis’ mother, “the Queen,” struggles to sustain her hold of power, while her son seeks ways to compromise it. Caught in the middle of the chaos, the son’s friend, Oogie, a mere bystander, observes and does his best to stay clear the fray—involving a new bird feeder, a mausoleum, and a family dinner. Did anyone notice the fourteen-foot long python?

You’ll find the full story in, site de rencontres onedate Travelers’ Shorts: Stories That Move.

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