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Robert Reoch Welcomes You to Mind Pastry

dating antique milk bottles Robert Reoch Welcomes You to Mind Pastry

lieu de rencontre 72 Robert George Reoch Blog is Now “Mind Pastry”

Previously known as blog.robertgeorgereoch.com, I’m still reformatting some old posts that were moved to this new site. ( rencontre celibataire algerien GoDaddy eliminated their original blog platform and replaced it with this http://kopuamonastery.org.nz/felmor/1620 Word Press version.)

Robert Reoch is Robert George Reoch

I’m click here for more Robert Reoch, aka author rencontre la baule Robert George Reoch. I’ve written and published two volumes of short stories under the title, http://locus-studio.com/?privet=seducing-drake-palma-book-2-dating-alys-perez&5e7=b7 Travelers’ Shorts.  If you enjoy variety, drama, and humor, you’ll enjoy my short stories, but keep coming here for stimulating blog entries too. The list of categories is to the right. I’ve got a mind to speak about nearly everything, although I don’t write every day. I rant, babble, and educate—and sometimes pontificate—when in the mood.  That’s how we do on blogs.

Mind Pastry Name

I love to cook and bake. My other hobbies include music, travel, and physical fitness. I’m also one of those genius folk who think a lot. I bake and I think; hence the title, “ qwantz dating Mind Pastry.” Again, I don’t post on this blog frequently. My everyday life is ordinary (and busy) and I enjoy spending my time living rather than documenting every burp and fart here. If you want that, go to click for more Facebook.

That’s what’s on my mind, for now. I think I’ll bake something.

rencontre fille tunisienne pour mariage Robert Reoch

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